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We co-sleep and she does not cry it out.

She fights naps.  Screams with her eyes closed.  Takes really short naps.  Is in a constant state of "tired."  At night, she wakes up 9,999 times a night usually mad/screaming. Sometimes I can nurse her right back to sleep and others she just cries until she falls back to sleep.  My son was a horrible sleeper, but she even has him beat :\

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okay, I totally hate crying it out, but it was really the only thing that worked for us. And it sure sounds like she's already doing a lot of crying at night. probably because she's so sleep deprived. She needs to learn how to self sooth. I know you don't want to hear that and I didn't either. But now I have a 18 month old that will get into her bed on her own lay down and say "night night" and I can walk out of the room and she falls asleep on her own. She accepted that her bed was where she needs to sleep and has adapted. And now bedtime is such a plesant experience. (I'm much more laxed during nap times) And of course the more sleep she gets the easier it is for her to fall asleep the next time.

Sorry, this problem sucks.

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