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1) Baby Name and Age: Maeli 13 ½ weeks
2) Weight/length/clothing size being worn:  She is 18 lbs! And about 26” long. I have giganto baby. 6-9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.
3) Food! Formula? Breastmilk? Combo?: BF
4) Sleep habits:  She sleeps a lot still. But it seems her awake periods are starting to stretch out. She sleeps pretty good at night.
5) Is baby on a schedule? If so describe:   Not really. It changes from day to day.
6) What's driving you crazy, if anything:  Her 3 year old brother can not be quiet during nap time…makes me crazy! I can’t drink milk, and have to severely limit my dairy intake. It makes her extremely gassy, poopy, and miserable. I sure could go for a Dairy Queen Blizzard right about now in this 90 degree weather.
7) Milestones:  She sits in her Bumbo, she is starting to reach for toys. She is starting to hold things. I’ve noticed the last couple of days she will be holding onto her dress (and my hair :\ ). Found a pacifier she likes, NUK Genius. It’s super flat, but after trying about 5 different ones, it works. I have mixed feelings about pacifiers, mostly I just don’t want to have to deal with weaning from it, but I am happy I’m not the human pacifier like I was for her brother. In the long run, it helps me and whoever watches her. She only wants it when she is going to sleep. She doesn’t want anything to do with it if she is up and “playing." She loathes tummy time, so none of that rolling over or lifting her head up stuff ;)
8) How are you doing in general:   Doing well. Went back to work last week. I’m working four, 5 hour days. Daddy watches them on Monday and my grandma watches them the other 3 days. She is starting to take a bottle a little bit better. I’m hoping one of these days to work a couple longer days so I only have to work 3 days/week.
9) Are your health and weight loss concerns going well?:   Still hanging on to 9 lbs. I feel disgusting a lot of the time. It’s all in my belly, I’m thinking tummy tuck ;)
11) Pictures:
Bath Time

My new kitchen accessory

Sleepy Time

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I feel ya on the yucky belly! I'd feel good about my body except for the excessive flabbiness in the belly!

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