And another baby makes 4

(and no more!)

Kids Update

She is almost 14 months old already!  She is such a sweet girl.  She is always making us laugh.  She often has a babydoll in her arms, rocking them, sitting with them :)  She loves shoes and has a bag she carries around as a purse.  I suppose she's all girl.  She's slower than Kaiden was on words but here is a list:
Up (i think she said this the other day)
Ne (New this week)
Bop/Bob (that's what it sounds like for Pa)

We went to a free zoo the other day and they had wallabies.  She tried to call for them (patting her side) like they were dogs and would come to her :)  She's also done this with birds and the chickens at Ne and Pa's house.
She is smitten with her brother and he is wonderful with her (most of the time)
She eats very well with eating utensils.
She has no fear which can be scary at times.
She is finally sleeping better (most nights)
I think she is going to be super smart like her brother :)
Food:, loves berries.
Green Beans
Not big on bread right now....except crackers.

I am such a luckey momma to have 2 wonderful, smart, beautiful children!


His imagination has taken off.  He tells stories all the time.
He learned how to spell his name the other day (Ne and Pa taught him :)
He watches over his sister like a hawk. He's very protective and doesn't want her to get too far away.
We went blueberry picking yesterday and Neil and I were talking to the owner about his farm and Kaiden was chatching with his wife. After our conversation, the lady told us that Kaiden was a well behaved and polite kid (*beam).
He just radiates and people love him, love to be around him.
Energy, that kid has energy like no other and he NEVER quits talking/making noise. I mean, never.  Makes me crazy, hope it's just a phase :)


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