And another baby makes 4

(and no more!)

10 Weeks

) Baby Name and Age: Maeli
2) Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 6-9 months
3) Food! Formula? Breastmilk? Combo?: BF
4) Sleep habits: She sleeps great at night. Finally, the last 2 days, I’ve been able to put her down for naps without her waking up and also put her to bed a few hours before I go to bed!
5) Is baby on a schedule? If so describe: No, but I’m hoping she gets on one. I’m going back to work in 3 weeks and it would be nice to see what her schedule is, so I can work mine around it.
6) What's driving you crazy, if anything: That she still sleeps constantly and I’m stuck in the house more than I’d like to be.
7) Milestones:  Her head control has greatly improved within the last week. She will “stand” on her legs instead of drawing them up.
8) How are you doing in general: Mostly ok. Getting a little anxious about going back to work. I only work 20 hours and get to make my own schedule, plus my grandma will be watching the two kids, so it really shouldn’t be that bad, but I hate to leave my kdis.
9) Are your health and weight loss concerns going well?:  Lost 2 more pounds in about a week. Only 9 left to go!
11) Pictures:

Not Happy  

(no subject)

Kaiden's imagination is growing so much.  He had his body pillow and crawled in it and said "I'm a beautiful butterfly." Then he started tossing it in the air and said he was a "pizzaria."  It fell on his head and he said he had to go wash up :)  Plus everything was making him "nervous" today.  "I don't want to watch this show, it's making me nervous."  Silly boy.

Maeli still just wants to sleep all the time.  The only catch is, you have to hold her while she does it.  I did get her down on her own for an hour yesterday and today.  I'm ready to have my hands back and be able to cook and clean.

I had to take another shower tonight because Maeil has this thing (she's done it twice) where she pukes buckets after nursing while trying to go to sleep for the night (when she comfort nurses the most.)  Tonight she got me good. I was rocking her and had her on my shoulder and she just kept puking, it was in my hair, down my back, down my front, just dripping down me.  The glamours of being a mom.

Kaiden Says
Things Kaiden has said lately

"You're stressing me out"  (Gee wonder where he's heard that ;)

"We don't throw people's juice away, and I'm a people."
After I threw his juice box away

I thought there was another one, but I can't remember right now.

Chunky Chunk
Maeli is 7 1/2 weeks old and 15 lbs!

Maeli Claire

1) Baby Name and Age:  Maeli 5 wks 5 days
2) Weight/length/clothing size being worn:  13 1/2 lbs up from 12 1/2 10 days ago!  She wears Carter's 6 month, and can still wear some 0-3 (snuggly ;)  Size 2 diapers
3) Food! Formula? Breastmilk? Combo?:  Breastfed, currently dealing with oversupply (she has some serious green poo).  We gave her a bottle on Wednesday to make sure she'll be able to take one for when I go back to work.  I figure we'll give her one maybe once a week or so for practice (I hate pumping.)
4) Sleep habits:  She sleeps all the time. Naps most of the day.  Has a bit of a rough time at night between 8-10ish with her being fussy
5) Is baby on a schedule? If so describe:  Not one that I can figure out.  Except, she has to have a nap about an hour after she wakes up.
6) Whats driving you crazy, if anything:  My 3 year old that never stops talking :)
7) Milestones of course:  Has good head control. Smiles and has a cute sort of coo that she does right before she starts yelling at me :)
8) How are you doing in general: Doing really well. The only thing I hate is the lack of time I have.   I feel like everything thing I try to do is a race against time the next feeding/diaper change/cuddle.
9) Are your health and weightloss concerns going well?:  Still have lochia.  It quit for about a day then started in heavier again. It is so annoying
10) Pictures: 

Almost too easy
Kaiden is potty trained.  It took less than a week.  He even wakes up to pee and stays dry all night!  Neil initiated it and I was concerned about the work it would take since I just had Maeli.  But he even overcame his fears of pooping in the potty (which is major for him!)

Maeli Claire
5/11/10 (40 weeks 1 day)
9 lbs
21 1/2"

Randoms and funnies
In no particular order:

1. We have been playing swiper no swiping constantly. And getting things out of his make believe backpack.

2. We were driving to church yesterday and he says "Mommy you made it under the red light" :\

3. He had his first dental appointment a few weeks ago and did amazing! I was so proud of him and was amazed at how well he did.

4. I was cooking the other day and turn around to see him licking the lid from the butter container and asked me if I could put more butter on no!

5. He is finally sleeping through almost every night!

Update (finally)

How far along are you? 13w
What symptoms are you experiencing? Grumpy!  I'm eating constantly and all I want is pizza and spicy food.  I hope I don't gain 500 lbs this pregnancy.
How are you feeling? see above
Any appointments this past week and how did they go? Had one yesterday.  Heard a strong heartbeat.  Was relieved my doctor told me to hold off on getting the H1N1 vaccine.  Their office has it, but he said to wait another month and then we'll see.
Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)?  Yes.  I've had a home daycare for the last year so I could stay home with my son.  Well, it turns out that I don't really care for kids that don't belong to me.  I care even less for the crappy parents I've had to deal with.  So I'm going back to my old job where I will work half the hours and make the same amount of money.  And the best part is, my schedule is completely flexible, I can work whenever I want whatever hours I want.  I won't have to get a babysitter, it will either be my husband or g-ma watching him.  I'm a little anxious about going back to work out of the house, but it will be ok.

bumpity bumpCollapse )

Trick or Treat

This was our first time celebrating.  It was a wonderful time!

My dad and I colaborated on the train.  I love it! So did Kaiden of course ;)


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