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At almost 5 months exactly, she cut 2 bottom teeth.

We started baby led weaing around 5 1/2 months. She had baked sweet potato fries first.  Since she has had broccoli, apples, pears, peaches, green beans, carrots, potatoes, plus some baby cereal when others are watching her.  We've tried purees a couple times and she doesn't want anything to do with it.

She's been army crawling for a while. Now she gets up on her knees and rocks but falls to her belly.  She does use her arms and legs to scoot.  Yesterday she pulled herself to standing at Kaiden's train table.  She loves to stand (with help).

Her favorite toy is a Fisher Price mailbox.  She loves to spin the spinny thing on it.

She still naps horribly!  Doesn't sleep too bad at night though.

Two weeks ago tomorrow, she was diagnosed with an ear infection.  She had a fever for 4 days then on the 5th day broke out in a rash.  I called the peds office and got blew off.  It wasn't any worse/better on Monday, Tuesday it was gone, then Wednesday when I went to pick her up, she was covered from head to toe in a welted rash.  Called ped office again and got blew off so we took her to the ER where they diagnosed her with a Penicillin allergy and she still had the ear infection so they changed her antibiotic.  She didn't sleep for the next 3 nights because she was itchy and miserable.  We go back for a checkup tomorrow and I plan to tell her doctor about the doctor that blew us off twice (not that it will do any good.)  She is suppose to get her vaccincations tomorrow since she was sick at her well baby visit, but I'm not sure I want to tomorrow since she's not been well that long (I can't take another sleepless night this week.)

Also, at her 6 month well baby check, our doctor said she had severe femoral anteversion but it will correct itself.  That explains why she sits all crazy.

I started Celexa less than a month ago and it has done wonders for my Post-partum depression plus it helps my anxiety/OCD.  I've never been one to depend on medicine, but I feel I really need it now, at least for a while :)

Sitting crazy



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